“All images shot on Google Pixel 3”

Check out this screenshot I took on my phone last night:

All images shot on a Google Pixel 3

There it is: “All images shot on Google Pixel 3”.

You can read the entire article here (free):


I can explain…

First off, this was a ‘Google Feed’ article suggested to me. I think the reason is because I recently binge-watched ‘Mad Men’. The young lady you see in the photo is none other than ‘Sally Draper’ from the show. How time flies.

But seriously

The point I want to make is that I’ve never seen Google use this style of advertising before. I can only guess Google and the website owner came to an arrangement whereby Google bought the right for their Pixel 3 phone to take all the article’s photos. And most importantly of course, to proudly display the byline: “All images shot on Google Pixel 3”. 

That’s got to be it, right? I can’t see why this website would choose to use a smartphone camera and credit it – all out of the goodness of their own hearts?

So. New advertising tactics by Google?

Google have clearly realised the biggest selling point of their Pixel phone is the amazing quality photos it takes. Are Google going for a new ‘show, don’t tell’ style of advertising? Have Google decided that a new battleground in the smartphone wars is now practical demonstrations of how awesome the camera is, trojaned inside websites and magazines whose subscribers are the demographic Google are chasing?

Perhaps Google are finally learning the game

It seems to me Google are finally learning the game so skillfully played by competitors. The game? Take the best feature from your product, put it on a pedestal, arrange the figurative lighting and backdrop, get the attention of your target audience, distort their reality for a few moments and then let their subconcious do the rest.

Besides, buying an article where an up-and-coming young star and influencer is taking cool photos of herself with your camera is never going to hurt.