How do I insert non keyboard special characters on a Chromebook?

Here’s the quickest tip so far. Use the keyboard shortcut below to insert any special character into a free-form text field.

Get those fingers ready

Hold down:

  • shift
  • ctrl
  • and then press: u

An underlined u will appear.

Now type in the four character alphanumeric code of your chosen special character and press return. For a comprehensive list of these codes, take a look at this website:

(apologies: the above link went offline so I have now relinked it to the web archive page snapshot of the last time it was online)

Look for your chosen character in the ‘Character’ column. The code to use for your character will be in the fourth column titled ‘Character Code’.

Give us some examples!

So for example, if you’re looking to insert a ‘Euro currency’ sign, or insert an em or en dash, or even the ‘copyright’ sign, you’d hold down:


and then press u. When the underlined u appears, just type in:

20AC and press return for a Euro currency sign:
2013 and press return for an em dash:
2014 and press return for an en dash:
00A9 and press return for a copyright sign: ©

There are some fun ones on the character list too:

Suites of a deck of cards: ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦
Musical notes ♪ ♫
Foreign language characters å ĕ Ǿ ¨
And even an old fashioned emoji ☻

Have fun!