Ode to my humble Asus Chromebook Flip c213

I’ve wanted to write an article about my Asus Chromebook Flip c213 Chromebook for a while now. I’ve only had it six months, but to date, it’s the Chromebook I’ve enjoyed using the most. I’d like to add, I’ve owned the very best as well: Chromebook Pixel 2013, Chromebook Pixel 2015 LS and more recently, a Lenovo C630.

I’ll admit upfront, I got it reconditioned for a silly price. £180 I think. Brand new, they cost around the £300 mark and even at that price, they’re worth it. So with ‘bargain!’ causing a slight bias to my review, please let me tell you why I love this Chromebook so:

Excellent Build Quality

Reason one has to be the build quality. I love the subtle style of the ruggedisation, yet overall, it doesn’t feel clunky or look ugly. Everything just feels rock solid. I’ve previously owned several budget Chromebooks and all of them had cheap-feeling ‘flappy’ trackpads and bouncey keyboards. Not so with the c213. I just love typing on the c213’s keyboard with its excellent key travel, and I get on very well with the smooth, plastic solid trackpad. As it’s also designed for the EDU (schools) market, it’s built to be repaired. You can change various consumable components yourself, such as the battery. Try doing that on a Pixelbook…

Non-reflective Matte screen

Reason two is the matte/no gloss screen. I often work outside where I find the non-shiny screen very helpful on bright days. Same goes for when I’m (very) occasionally in tablet mode. The matte screen seems almost fingerprint-proof, and for that reason, I’m not so reluctant to use the touch screen. It may sound silly, but on my previous Pixelbook, I’d avoid using the touchscreen so the screen wouldn’t get messy. With the Asus C213, I can use the touchscreen and not worry about the screen getting dirty. Viewing angles are decent too, which leads me to believe the screen must be IPS as opposed to a cheaper TN panel. Have you ever used a touchscreen Amazon Kindle? The screen on the c213 feels just like that.

Excellent Battery Life

Reason three is the solid 12 hours of battery life I get from full to empty. I can sometimes squeeze even more if I turn down the brightness to ‘acceptable’ and turn off both WiFi and Bluetooth radios. Other 2 in 1’s in the same category offer 10 hours. To me, those extra few hours really do make all the difference to my ‘battery anxiety’ and mean I can travel without a charger.

Great balance of old and new ports

Reason four is the thoughtful, abundant port placement. No need for dongles on this device. On the left hand side, you’ve got the power button, USB-C PD port, USB port, MicroSD card slot, and 3.5mm headphone jack port. On the right hand side, you’ve got the Kensington lock port, USB-C PD port, USB port, and volume rocker. Sure, USB-C is wonderful and very much the future, but we’re still living in an age where standard USB ports are useful for charging external devices and plugging in USB flash drives. I genuinely missed the standard USB slots on my previous Pixelbook and am happy to have two on my c213.

Performance is decent

Reason five is how the Asus C213 performs. The Intel Apollo Lake N3350 processor and 4GB are definitely in budget territory, but that’s not to the detriment of performance. Much. Sure, I’ve used zippier Chromebooks, but they’ve been five times the price. The c213 is everything you need if you’re not a power user I’d say. 

Here’s to thee, c213

I have to say, this trusty old Asus Chromebook C213 I’m currently typing on is a keeper for me and I love it. It’s an excellent writer’s Chromebook as well. I can usually tell by the six month mark whether or not a Chromebook will be with me much longer, and I genuinely have a feeling – for the first time – that I’ll be keeping this Chromebook until it no longer receives Google updates. By then, hopefully I’ll be able to look up the future Asus c215 or c216 (the c214 has just been released as an incremental update and has already received a stellar review) and hope that little has changed.

Get your own Asus Chromebook Flip c213 here:

Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2XHcnTj

Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2Xzvu6O


Do you own an Asus Chromebook Flip c213? Are thinking about buying one? Tell us what you like, love or hate about it. Feel free to ask any questions you have because I’ve got six months of experience to share if you need it!