Memory like a sieve? Let your Wear OS smartwatch help!

Ever had a brilliant idea – and then forgotten it?

Well, no more. Thanks to a brilliant Wear OS app called ‘Wear Audio Recorder‘ you’ll never lose a great idea or thought again. In this guide, we’ll show you how to record your fleeting thoughts before they’re gone, and all without the hassle of having to write them down in longhand. And all it takes is two presses of your watch’s main crown button and a tap on the screen. Oh, and did we mention it’s all FREE?

How to never lose an idea again

We’re going to start by installing an app called Wear Audio Recorder on your Android phone. Assuming your watch and phone are successfully paired, when the Wear Audio Recorder app installs on your phone, it’ll also invite you to install Wear Audio Recorder on your watch through the Wear OS Play Store (please note: it is possible to install Wear Audio Recorder on just just your watch, but by also installing it on your phone, you can sync and backup recordings from watch to phone and then share or upload them to cloud storage for access anywhere).

Phone Installation

On your Android phone, head straight to the Google Play Store app and search for ‘Wear Audio Recorder’:

Tap on ‘install’ and then allow the app to download and install itself. When done, tap ‘open’ to launch the app. Tap ‘allow’ to both of the following prompts about access to photos, media and files and record audio. Wear Audio Recorder is now installed and ready to use on your phone. We’ll come back to the phone-side of this app later and concentrate for now on the Wear OS app that should be waiting to install on your wear OS watch.

Watch Installation

If you have successfully followed the instructions from the previous paragraph, you should now find a new notification on your watch prompting you to install Wear Audio Recorder:

Tap ‘open’ and you will be presented with an install button for Wear Audio Recorder:

Tap install to begin the installation. The watch will now download and install the app and you will then see:

Now tap on ‘open’.

Much like when you first launched the app on your phone, you will be asked to accept the permissions required on your watch. Tap ‘allow’ to both of the following prompts about access to photos, media and files and record audio. Wear Audio Recorder should now be open on your watch and ready for your first recording.

Record your first message

With the Wear Audio Recorder app now installed and ready to use on both your phone and watch, it’s now time to record your first message. You should see the following screen on your watch:

Recording a new message is as simple as tapping the microphone icon, waiting a few seconds until you see the recording timer begin to creep up from zero, then speaking.

When you’re recording a new message, you’ll see this screen:

As you can see, you can tap on three separate icons: pause, trash can, check/tick.

Tapping on pause will pause the message so you can record more if you need to. If you press pause, to resume the recording, just press the microphone icon:

When you’re happy with your recording, just press the check/tick to save it. Should you at any time want delete what you’re recording, just tap on the trash can and – gone.

Listen to your first message

Assuming you’ve just recorded your first message and tapped the check/tick, you’ll see the recording at the front screen. It’ll look something like this:

In order to access this recording, you’ll need to quickly tap and hold/swipe up to see the details of it. It will now look like this:

From here, you can either tap on the play button to begin playback of your message, or just tap on the message to invoke two further ‘tap and pull up’ options – sync or delete.

‘Delete’ is self-explanatory; ‘Sync’ neatly syncs the recorded message to the Wear Audio Recorder app on your phone.

Share your recordings or access them from other devices

The last sentence of the previous paragraph is what takes Wear Audio Recorder to the next level. If you choose to sync your watch recording back to your phone, you can then do all sorts of things with it. For one, you’ll have two copies of the recording that you can listen to on both your watch and your phone. But perhaps the most useful thing about having a copy on your phone is you can upload it to cloud storage or share it via a popular phone app, such as Messages, Gmail, Whatsapp – you get the picture. If you do this, I suggest you rename the recording to something useful (by default the filename is the date) and work out a filing system that works best for you.

How to access Wear Audio Recorder on your watch

Press your watch’s crown button once to wake the watch. This will open the main screen. On the main screen, just press the crown button again to bring across the app menu. If needs be, scroll down until you see ‘Audio Recorder’ and then tap to open.

You can make Audio Recorder a favourite on your app list by tapping and holding on the Audio Recorder icon which will then automatically move to the top of the app list.

Exit through gift shop

Everything I’ve described above is all free to do. You can happily record message after message and capture all your fleeting thoughts and it won’t cost you a penny. But if you want to take Wear Audio Recorder to the next level as far as stuff it can do, please consider buying a subscription – it costs the price of a cup of coffee for a whole year and provides you with a level of customisation unrivalled by any similar app. For example, with a annual subscription, you can: upload your recordings to Google Drive and other cloud services; Change the bit-rate of the recording ; skip recording silence and echos; automatic watch sync and so much more.

Price as at time of posting – naturally subject to change

So there you have it. Turn your Android smartwatch into your thought diary and never lose a brilliant idea again – it’s so much easier blurting your message out in a few seconds rather than the few minutes it would take to write it down.

Down the app NOW:

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