Writers: 8 reasons why you should buy a Chromebook

1. Chromebooks are low maintenance

When all you want to do is write, why would you want a lumbering, complicated and error prone operating system to go with it?

Chromebooks run Chrome OS: a lightweight and fast operating system. With Chrome OS, software complexity and operating system maintenance are hidden. Because of this, fewer things go wrong. And as the old saying goes, ‘the more complicated the plumbing, the more likely it is to get blocked’. So with a Chromebook, you can just get on and write without having to wrestle with the latest error message or failed update.

2. Lots of free writing software available

There are countless ways to put virtual pen to paper on a modern Chromebook. The default writing option is called ‘Docs’. Think of ‘Docs’ as Google’s own built-in, fully-featured word processor. It’s free, works both with and without an internet connection, automatically syncs securely to the cloud (so your writing is available from any browser with an internet connection) and has just about every feature you’ll need. If Docs doesn’t do it for you, there are many other ways to process your words. A Chromebook has you covered whether you want to use a writing webapp that works in the internet browser, a writing app from Google’s Android ‘Play Store’ (inc. Microsoft’s very own ‘Word’), or an office suite to use with the built-in Linux option.

3. Cheap Chromebooks still get the job done

The noble craft of writing doesn’t need the latest ultra-fast processor and gigabytes of RAM. A perfectly decent writing Chromebook need not set you back more than £150/$150. At the budget end of the scale, no other operating system can compete and still be usable.

4. Chromebooks ARE useful without an internet connection

Chromebook competitors and naysayers prefer you not to know this. It was once the case that you had to be connected to the internet to use a Chromebook. But that was years ago. While any computer is infinitely more useful connected to the internet, offline, a Chromebook can do everything a normal user needs it to do, including of course, writing.

5. Chromebooks have built-in free security and anti-virus software

Chrome OS is inherently secure by design. It cannot be affected by the same viruses, trojans and malware that target other operating systems. Google take a layered approach to software security and even if one layer is somehow compromised, the threat won’t be able to advance any further. How nice not to have to pay an expensive annual security subscription just for the privilege of having a virus-free computer.

6. Chromebooks start up and are usable in seconds

Chromebooks start up in seconds rather than minutes thanks to the lightweight, fast operating system that is Chrome OS. Open the lid of your Chromebook and within a few seconds you’re at the login screen. After login, everything is instantly ready to use. There’s no startup lag or having to wait a few minutes for your computer to settle down. You’re up and running (or writing) within ten seconds.

7. All day battery life

Modern Chromebooks have a battery life of at least 8 hours. That’s a day’s work with no need to be near electricity. Squeeze a bit more time out of the battery by turning the screen down to half brightness and turning off wifi and bluetooth – you’re just writing, after all. Where can you imagine yourself writing with no need to be tethered to a plug point?

8. When you’re done writing…

When you’re done writing, you can use your Chromebook for fun. Update your social media profiles, reply to IMs and emails, watch YouTube or Netflix, edit images or videos, administer your website, read a book via a reading app or the Amazon Kindle app; a Chromebook can do the lot. Take a look at convertible-style Chromebooks if you’re interested in owning both a laptop and a tablet in one.


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